History in brief

1994, we started supplying the market with packaging and labelling glue, at that time the company was called GlueStick and the business was conducted in Helsingborg. Krystal AS was a partner and producer of the hot melt adhesive.

1996, the company developed further and Savotech's current CEO Juha started up a wood glue department. Dynea, which is one of the world's leading players in the woodworking industry, is entering as the main partner and the market is supplied with glue for the production of glulam beams, parquet, doors, windows and furniture.

1998, it is time again for a growth journey, this time starting own development and production of a 2-component PUR glueing system for sandwich glueing. 2-component PUR glueing system is used, among other things, for glueing body cabinets to vehicles.

2004, the range was expanded with Durante & Vivan's products, which are Italy's largest producer of hot melt adhesives for the woodworking industry.

2008, a change of ownership took place, GlueStick continued in industrial glueing and Savotech was formed to provide the woodworking industry with glue and expertise.

2011, Savotech acquired the shares in GlueStick and the companies merged. In the same year, collaborations are initiated with several retailers, including the Syntema group in Sweden.

2015, the warehouse in Gnosjö will be expanded and the following year the operations will be merged into new premises in Hestra.

2019, the packaging part of the company will be 25 years old and Savotech has been a well-reputed brand in industrial glueing for many years. This year, collaborations will also begin with two agents in Finland and the Baltics.

2020, Savotech's new external Chairman will take over with the goal of continuing to develop the company for the benefit of customers

2021, Savotech will be ISO-certified and is thus one of the few Swedish adhesive suppliers that hold an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

There are still more than 60 years of experience and specialist knowledge within the company.

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