GlueStick & Savotech -History in brief

1994 The company Glue Stick started specializing in adhesive applications such as paper, packaging and other industrial bonding. Krystal AS produced the adhesives.

1996 Glue Stick began to distribute Dyneas adhesives. Dynea is a world leading company for the wood processing industry. The production includes adhesives such as glued laminated timber, parquet, doors, windows and adhesives for the furniture industry.

1998 The development and production of our own 2-component adhesive systems for PUR-glue systems to sandwich constructions started.

1999 Glue Stick started cooperation with Nordcoll Denmark for distribution of PVAc and hardening adhesives.

2004 The cooperation with Durante&Vivan began. Durante&Vivan is Italy's largest producer of hot melt adhesives for the woodworking industry.

2008 The ownership changed, GlueStick continued in industrial bonding and Savotech was founded and became specialized in adhesives for the woodworking industry.

2010 Savotech starts cooperation with Danalim. Danalim is Denmark's largest producer of cold adhesives and joint sealants.

2011 Savotech aquired shares in GlueStick and the companies merged.

2014 Savotech began distributing glue to eight retailers, among others, Syntema group in Sweden.

2015 The warehouse in Gnosjö expanded.

2016 The 1st of January both brands got a common stock, test lab, sales- and economy department. Savotech also moved to a new office in Hestra.

2019 GlueStick celebrates its 25th anniversary and is a well known brand within industrial adhesives.

Still more than 25 years of specialized expertise remains in the company.