The product selection principle
Savotech applies the product selection principle regarding sales and development of our products. The product selection principle means that, as far as possible, we must minimize the use of products that pose risks to the environment and human health. In 2008, Savotech chose to completely stop marketing solvent-based adhesive products, as solvents are classified as an environmentally hazardous substance.

By continuously evaluating our product range and offering more environmentally friendly alternatives, we can also create a value proposition that strengthens our customers and their business in the market.

Non-labelling adhesives
Our ambition is to replace labels that are subject to labelling to non-labelling adhesives as far as possible. This is because non-labelling adhesives have a minor impact on people and the environment. New projects always strive to find new technical solutions that can replace the traditional use of products subject to labelling.

In our product portfolio, we have several different types of gentle, food-approved adhesives. Our hot melt adhesives, which is one of our larger product areas, are packaged in ergonomic, environmentally friendly bags made of paper. For the adhesives delivered in containers, there is a system for return containers.

Our central warehouse is located in Gnosjö in Småland to reduce our transports. To support our customers, we offer help with delivery planning to reduce unnecessary transportation. We work with leading and local carriers to reduce the transport distance for the goods.

Savotech's environmental work is well established and permeates product development, sales, packaging and transport of our adhesives.

We constantly demand the development of environmentally friendly products from all partners, suppliers and producers. We see adhesive products with less impact on the environment and people as positive for all parties. We prioritize the environment, for sustainable and favourable development!