Boats & Aircraft

Our product range includes one of the world's strongest adhesives! 

Aerodux 185 has a huge mechanical strength and has been used for decades in
constructions with high demands on strength.

Bonding materials: High-density wood, un-glazed porcelain, leather, cork, nylon, laminate, linoleum, expanded polystyrene polyurethane, natural-synthetic rubber and metal to wood.

Aerodux 185 is a reliable adhesive in the production of boats, aircraft and load-bearing bridge and construction structures.

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Safety sheet

Product information

  • A cold and hot-hardening PRF adhesive
  • Can be applied by hand roller, spray gun or adhesive roller machine
  • Weather-, water- and aging resistant
  • Adjustable viscosity when using special hardener (from filling high-viscosity to low-viscosity for application with spray gun)
  • Long storage time

 Resistant to:

  • Acids, weaker alkaline substances, solvents
  • Boiling water
  • Microorganisms
  • Weathering
  • Heat

    * After full hardening


  • Approved by Luftfahrt Bundesamt for the production of glued wood components in aircraft
  • Meets the requirements of EN 301 for absolutely weatherproof adhesive joints
  • Meets the requirements of the German Standard DIN 68 141 by Otto-Graf-Institut (MPA) in Germany
  • Approved to be used for load-bearing structures for indoor and outdoor use according to DIN 1052

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