Windows & Doors

We offer the market's best adhesive range! 

From finger jointing to glue joint, we have all kinds of adhesives for the production of window blanks and inner- and exterior doors. Our products are approved for windows, exterior doors and the longtime weather exposure of the adhesive joint.

We offer a wide selection of different combinations of adhesives and hardeners, please contact us for suggestions.


Safety sheet

Our products

  • Low emission- and formaldehyde free adhesive systems
  • MUF-adhesive
  • EPI-adhesive
  • 1-component D2, D3, D4 PVAc (white adhesive)
  • 1- and 2-component PUR adhesive systems
  • Urea adhesive (liquid or powder form)

Please contact us for more information about our adhesives for windows and doors!

We offer

  • Separate application of hardened adhesive and hardener for rapid hardening process and easier cleaning
  • 1-component, separate or mix-in solutions of adhesives and hardeners
  • Adhesive solutions for hot-, cold- and high-frequency presses
  • Hardening adhesive systems that can withstand load, moisture and wetness for a long time
  • Adhesive systems with fire retardant characteristics
  • Approved adhesives are available according to strength classification: C4, D4 EN 204/205, EN 12765, EN 391, EN 14257 watt 91