We offer a complete program of adhesives for flooring!

Everything from decorative materials to hardwoods, and bonding of surface layers, core and barrier layers.

We offer a wide range of different combinations of adhesives and hardeners.
Welcome to contact us for suggestions.

Safety sheet

Our products

  • Amino hardening adhesive system (not subject to labeling - contains less than 0.1% formaldehyde)
  • EPI-adhesives
  • 1-component D3, D4 PVAc (white adhesive)
  • Hardening PUR hot-melt
  • Urea adhesives (liquid form)

We have the widest product range of the market, please contact us for suggestions!

We offer

  • Adhesives with pressing times from 5 seconds
  • 1-component, mix-in or separate system
  • Adhesives for hot-, cold- and high frequency presses
  • ULEF-system: A curing adhesive that meets the emission requirements of F **** JAS (Japan) and CARB (California)
  • Products that meet the requirements for moisture according to JAS for floors, EN 204/205 and EN 12765
  • Adhesives and hardeners with very good bonding properties on wood such as;
    oak, beech, ash, maple, pine, cherry, walnut and exotic wood such as jatoba