Edgebanding products

The best hot melt adhesives for edgebanding!

We have hot melt adhesives for straight edges and edgebanding of PVC, ABS, polyester, melamine, laminate, paper, veneer and solid wood trim for different wood-based boards. 

We offer a wide range of hot melt adhesive for different needs, please contact us for suggestions!


Safety sheet


  • EVA hot melt adhesive (filled and unfilled)
  • Polyolefin hot melt adhesive (APAO)
    More resistant to heat and has good bonding properties on more difficult materials
  • PUR hot melt
    Has the highest strength of all hot melt adhesives and is more resistant to moisture and heat

We offer

  • Edgebanding adhesive for both low- and high feed rates to:

CNC process machines
Manual hand applicators