Glue line, Veneers & Laminates

We have adhesive systems for both the smaller joinery but also production lines with high capacity!

Savotech offers several different adhesives developed for laminate and veneer of the most common disc and veneer layers. Our Urea adhesive is a flexible all-round adhesive with a wide range of applications in the woodworking industry. In our range there are several problem solvers that fit both the smaller carpenter and the volume manufacturer. 

We offer the market's widest range of adhesives and hardeners!

Do not hesitate to contact us, we have long experience in the industry.

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Our products

  • Amino hardening adhesive system (not subject to labeling - contains less than 0.1% formaldehyde)
  • Urea adhesives (liquid or powder form)
  • 1-component D3, D4 PVAc (white adhesive)
  • 2-component D4 PVAc (white adhesive)
  • MUF-adhesives
  • EPI-adhesives
  • PUR-hotmelt

We offer a wide range of different combinations of adhesives and hardeners. 
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We offer

  • Adhesives that can withstand hardwood, fat wood and bonding to twig
  • Adhesives for hot-, cold- and high frequency presses
  • Hardening adhesive for low emission requirements
  • Adhesives that can withstand heat and water for a long time
  • Adhesives that meet the moisture requirements according to EN 204/205, EN 12765 and EN 391
  • Adhesives with fire retardant properties

Advantages of hardening Urea Adhesives:
Strong adhesive joint, short press time, long storage time, flexible adhesive joint, easy to wash and good bonding properties on hard-bonded wood. Approved according to strength / classification C2, C3 and 12765.

Advantages of 1-component PVAc:
Minimal veneer crawl, short press time, long storage stability and strong adhesive joint.