Glulam & Finger jointing

Flexible adhesive systems for glulam, finger joint & load-bearing structures!

We have adhesives with long assembly time and short press time for the production of cross-glued wood (CLT), glulam beams and finger jointing. We also have products approved for the manufacture of load-bearing structures.

Of course, we have a great focus on the environment, both when it comes to applying our adhesives and the requirements the end customer places on the finished product.

The knowledge of the parameters that control the strength of a glue joint is crucial for the choice of the right glue and in order to ensure a reliable production with optimum productivity.

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Safety sheet

Our Products

  • MUF adhesives
  • EPI adhesives
  • 1-component D2, D3 and D4 PVAc (white glue)
  • 1-component PUR adhesive

We offer a wide range of different combinations of adhesives and hardeners, please contact us for suggestions!

We offer

  • Separate application of adhesive and hardener for quick curing process and easier cleaning
  • 1-component, separate or mix-in solutions of adhesive and hardener
  • Adhesive solutions for hot, cold and high-frequency presses
  • Adhesives that meet the requirements of C4, D4, EN 204/205, EN 12765, EN 391, EN 14257 and are included in the KSL list