We offer a wide range of hot-melt and cold adhesives for wrapping!

Our adhesives are developed for bonding paper, plastic reinforced foils, PVC, PP foils against aluminum, metal or wood-based panels. Our adhesives can be applied with all machines and application equipments available on the market.
Safety sheet

Our Products

  • Hot melt adhesive (filled and unfilled)
  • PUR-Hot melt adhesives
  • 1-component PVAc (white glue)
  • Urea adhesives 

We offer a complete program of adhesives, please contact us!

We offer

  • Adhesives for hot- and cold pressing
  • Adhesives that meet current environmental requirements
  • Specially developed water-based adhesives with minimal fiber recovery and high production capacity
  • Adhesives with fire retardant properties
  • 1-component, mix-in or separate urealim system